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The International Union of Mail-Artists

Welcome to the new site of the IUOMA

In this site we will inform you about all activities connected to the IUOMA. The Union started in 1988 and has members worldwide. Also see the old TAM/IUOMA-site


On this site we will include lots of graphics. As a member of the IUOMA you are free to download this images and used them for your work as a IUOMA-member. If you have designed your own images and want to have them on this site, please e-mail them to the webmaster of this site.

Texts about the IUOMA

On this site you will find texts written by severeal IUOMA-members. Old and new texts are available. If you write a text yourself, please e-mail it to the webmaster of this site. He will see to it that it gets available for all members.

Photographs by IUOMA-members

We will put photographs of IUOMA-members online. Please send your photo (digital or analogue) so we can add your 'face'.
For the time being we have here a selection of IUOMA-images for you so you can get an idea of the items that are created for our union

Email the webmaster at iuoma@geocities.com

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