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Mail-artists can have several backgrounds. a Mail-artist isn't an artist in the traditional sence. He uses the communication-forms that are available to us as the medium for his art.

Even today, people still join the Union. And somehow it gives power, to say that YOU are a member of the International Union too. The Main address of the Union is at the TAM-address. It is just the center for archiving all the things that are going on. But I am not in control of the Union. I just invented it. And to make it official, I made myself General-President of this Union. Sure was impressive when I travelled to the USSR in 1991 and went to visit some friends there who were also members of this Union........


In mail-art the main interest is in communication. The message is the medium is one of the slogans that is often used. The end-result of mail-art isn't the most important thing. The proces of communication is what it is all about. The proces nowadays is gradually changing from the snail-mail into the electronic communication. Just another communication-form to be explored by the artists!


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There are several sites available for the IUOMA-members. This site is the main-site that will be used to bundle all the information and to link you to other sources!

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