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Here's a collection of work from IUOMA-members.

All photos are sent in by IUOMA_members. If you have something to add, just send it to the webmaster of this site. These graphic images can be used by IUOMA-members to place on their sites or for other printed items members want to create.

A collage made by Michael Leigh, UK

A rubber stamp carved by Litsa Spathi, Germany

A sticker designed by Ruud Janssen, Netherlands

A play with the stickers by Joe Decie, UK

The first logo for the IUOMA, by Ruud Janssen, Netherlands


Poster made for the IUOMA by Hess, Germany

Collage of IUOMA-material by TAM, Netherlands
Digital version of the IUOMA-sticker, by TAM, Netherlands
Envelope by Ruud Janssen sent to France.